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Renewable Energy

YOU help make it happen

Be part of a growing movement to raise awareness, advocate for, demand, foster, purchase, invest in and help make renewable energy methods our primary energy source...

for a cleaner, brighter world.

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Environmentally Friendly Energy Sources

Minimal damage to the environment, maximum benefits to us, our air, land & water with dividends to the future of humanity. These energy sources renew : they do not run out from our use.

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A people-powered clean energy revolution.

What is missing? Vocal support to switch to clean, renewable energies. Thats where you and we come in! lets join together to:

Bring Offshore Wind Power to The US

Expand and site more On Shore Wind Farms

Enable Citizens to Buy and use Clean Energy

Enable Citizens to Invest In Clean Energy

Create a community of like-minded people power

We inspire people to attain All Our Energy from renewable energy

wind, solar, tidal and all other non-burning, non-nuclear, non-food energy sources..

involve people to transform our energy footprint and raise environmental awareness.

upcoming events



  Global Climate March NYC 2015




Event Details:

Because the French authorities have said they will not allow the big climate march on Nov. 29, the day before the UN Climate Talks begin, it is even more important that around the world our voices are heard. More than 2,300 actions in over 150 cities will take place. Let’s make sure ours here in NYC is as strong and powerful as we can possibly make it!

At 2 pm we will Join Peoples Climate Movement NYC and gather on the plaza on the east side of City Hall, the Brooklyn Bridge side. We will call on Mayor De Blasio to commit now to bold steps to move NYC to 100% renewable energy by 2030: •Develop off-shore wind power •Require all large buildings to be energy efficient •Divest NYC funds from all fossil fuels •Convert City-owned buildings to solar and other renewable energy sources •Provide locally grown foods in city programs and protect our community gardens •Expand and improve our public mass transit system Initiated by People’s Climate Movement NY - a coalition of climate, environmental, labor, student, faith , community and social and racial justice organizations in NYC.

Bring your signs!!!

NYC City Hall

date: Sunday, 11/29/15

Time: 2pm - 3pm

Where: NYC City Hall(East Side)

AD: City Hall Park, New York, NY 10007





  Plug Me In To OffShore Wind Next steps




Event Details:

Join us as we expand our actions, reach and your knowledge to take our Off Shore Wind campaign forward.

Help us take the campaign to new places and new people! Prepare with us for upcoming utility hearings this month. we'll also get ready for the 2016 NY State REV(Reforming the Energy Vision) hearings that will be held on Long Island.

Long Beach

Date Tuesday 12/9/15

Time: 7pm

Where: Long Beach Public Library

AD: 111 West Park Ave, Long Beach, NY 11561


Check Our Off Shore Wind Info page:


Our Campaigns

We advocate, educate, involve and empower the public to support renewable energy and act on environmental issues.

YOU STOPPED Port Ambrose!

and kept our Ocean and Beaches Free from the threats of LNG - Thank YOU!

Support LNG Info Page

Long Beach CLEANS-UP

(Combined Local Effort to Avoid Needless Single-Use Plastic)

Support Bags Info Page

Plug Me In to Off Shore Wind

Public Unity and Education Campaign to make the majority's support visible

Support Off Shore Wind Page

we are All Our Energy

Renewable Energy advocacy, public outreach and involvement through news, information, public events and positive action toward more widespread use, availablity and access to renewable energy for everyone.

Climate impacts are happening now. Ramping up renewable energy to fulfill All Our Energy needs is needed immediately to avoid the worst of them.

A community-building approach, to bring together the vast majority of the public (some polls indicate up to 85% agreement) who want renewable energy even if:

  • ☼ it costs more (in many cases, it doesnt!),
  • ☼ it requires government support, or
  • ☼ requires new regulations and policies.
  • Join with us to actively create the clean energy future we want, need and deserve.

    George Povall

    All Our Energy Founder

    Generation Renewable Energy

    Annual Festival

    we propose an outdoor festival Like "Global Wind Day", a fun day out with hands-on projects, shows and entertainment we celebrate, educate, meet new friends and call for more renewable energy!

    A Generation of Any Age

    Everyone's invited: ages 1-101! If you're reading this, you're already Generation RE. It is a State of Mind. Join us -be part of the experience!

    Human potential Unlocked

    Generate People-power to unleash Renewable Energy Generation : Everyone can be informed, included, involved, meet like-minded people & unite for a common goal.

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