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Renewable Energy

YOU help make it happen

Be part of a growing movement to raise awareness, advocate for, demand, foster, purchase, invest in and help make renewable energy methods our primary energy source...

for a cleaner, brighter world.

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Environmentally Friendly Energy Sources

Minimal damage to the environment, maximum benefits to us, our air, land & water with dividends to the future of humanity. These energy sources renew : they do not run out from our use.

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A people-powered clean energy revolution.

What is missing? Vocal support to switch to clean, renewable energies. Thats where you and we come in! lets join together to:

Bring Offshore Wind Power to The US

Expand and site more On Shore Wind Farms

Enable Citizens to Buy and use Clean Energy

Enable Citizens to Invest In Clean Energy

Create a community of like-minded people power

We inspire people who will make renewable energy our #1 energy source

wind, solar, tidal and all other non-burning, non-nuclear, non-food energy sources..

All Our Energy's "Interconnected" series

We host this monthly forum on environmental / renewable energy / sustainability / policy and related issues and ways the public can get involved. That is all interconnected. We are all interconnected..

10 feb

February 2015. " Interconnected: Have a Bite and Write "

Postcards from YOU to officials

Send Long Beach, NY postcards to elected officials in neighboring districts inviting them to join the growing bipartisan opposition to Port Ambrose. Get a Port Ambrose LNG update and help for you to craft and submit your best comments to the Maritime Administration to reject Port Ambrose.


Help us reach everyone and engage them to stop Port Ambrose, and instead bring Renewable Energy to NY. Take Action with us!


check our new LNG Info page:

event details

Title: "Interconnected: Have a Bite and Write"

Group:Sane Energy Project, No LNG Coalition

date: Tuesday February 10, 2015 7pm

Where: Long Beach Public Library

AD: 111 Park Ave. Long Beach, NY 11561


we are All Our Energy

Renewable Energy advocacy, public outreach and involvement through news, information, public events and positive action toward more widespread use, availablity and access to renewable energy for everyone.

A community-building approach, to bring together the vast majority of the public (some polls indicate up to 85% agreement) who want renewable energy even if:

  • ☼ it costs more (in many cases, it doesnt!),
  • ☼ it requires government support, or
  • ☼ requires new regulations and policies.
  • Join with us as Generation: Renewable Energy, or Gen:RE, to actively create the clean energy future we want, need and deserve.

    George Povall

    All Our Energy Founder

    Generation Renewable Energy

    Annual Festival

    Like "Global Wind Day", a fun day out with hands-on projects, shows and entertainment we celebrate, educate, meet new friends and call for more renewable energy!

    A Generation of Any Age

    Everyone's invited: ages 1-101! If you're reading this, you're already Generation RE. It is a State of Mind. Join us -be part of the experience!

    Human potential Unlocked

    Generate People-power to unleash Renewable Energy Generation : Everyone can be informed, included, involved, meet like-minded people & unite for a common goal.

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