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A people-powered clean energy revolution

YOU help make it happen

Be part of a growing movement for a cleaner, brighter world.

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Renewable Energy, Climate solutions,

And local environmental action

Storage, Wind, Solar, Wave and Tidal and Energy Efficiency are how we will get there

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Renewable Energy, Climate Solutions, and Environmental Advocacy

What is missing? Your vocal support and action! Lets join together to:

Bring Offshore Wind Power to The US

Expand and site more On Shore Wind and Solar Farms

Enable Citizens to Buy, use and invest in Clean Energy

protect against single-use plastics

stop new fossil fuel from displacing renewables

Create a community of like-minded people power

We inspire people to attain All Our Energy from renewable energy

wind, solar, tidal and all other non-burning, non-nuclear, non-food energy sources..

involve people to transform our energy footprint and raise environmental awareness.

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Check out our volunteer oppportunities and make the world we want, together!

Upcoming Events



Lido Beach Town Park Beach Clean Up




Event Details:

Saturday 8/11/18 @ 9am we’re joining Town of Hempstead Department of Conservation and Waterways at Lido Beach and Atlantic Marine Conservation Society at Lido Beach Town Park for a beach clean up. To keep the piping plovers protected, we will do a manual clean up so the machines don’t disturb the birds and neither does loose pollution on the beach. Come on down and help make a difference.

Date:Saturday, August 11, 2018


Where:Lido Beach Town Park

AD: 630 Lido Blvd, Lido Beach, NY 11561




Long Beach Peoples Climate Day Rally




Event Details:

As Part of the worldwide People's Climate March events, we will join our allies on the Long Beach Boardwalk for a Climate Rally!

Date:Saturday, September 8, 2018


Where:Long Beach Boardwalk

AD:At National Blvd, Long Beach NY 11561




Petition: NYC Leave Our Water Alone!



NYC We Love You, we just can't share our only water source unless we KNOW it won't damage or make that only source unusable.

If New York City draws the massive amounts they are proposing, it could literally: move and spread all the known pollution, making it more difficult to track and treat; draw salt water into our fresh water, making it permanently undrinkable for many communities who have no other source-including all on the LONG BEACH barrier island; and could withdraw more than our system could ever recover from by natural replenishment of the source.

New York City has numerous other options to see them through any eventuality. As we await the results of exactly how fragile Long Island's aquifer system is, in the long awaited USGS study due soon, we must stop any attempt to tap that source for another area. We demand there be no extension of NYC's permits in this matter, which expire this year. Any new proposed pumping should go through the strict process required of any new well. It is not right to allow this to continue or to damage our only water.

Please sign and share.



Together We Shine! Community Solar Campaign



Community and off-site solar are groundbreaking new ways to own, share, and dramatically increase the economical use of clean, renewable solar power in New York.

Opportunities to power apartments, co-ops, renters, shaded sites, communities, and others with solar, which were impossible under policy before, are just coming available now. .

Find out how at this fascinating glimpse into the first steps in a huge new way New York can transition to clean energy and give most every New Yorker a chance to play a part in that transition.

Can we build our own community solar project? We're going to find out!

Our Campaigns

We advocate, educate, involve and empower the public to support renewable energy and act on environmental issues.

BYO Bag Lynbrook

Stop plastic and checkout bag pollution

Support Petition

BYO Bag Rockville Centre

Stop plastic and checkout bag pollution

Support Petition

BYO Bag Sea Cliff

Stop plastic and checkout bag pollution

Support Story

BYO Bag Across Nassau

Stop plastic and checkout bag pollution

Support Petition

Refocus Or Energy

Change to clean, renewable energy

Support Refocus our Energy

2016 College Art Contest

show us a sutainable energy future for LI

Support 2016 Contest Page

BYO Bag Long Beach

Stop plastic and checkout bag pollution

Support Bags Info Page

NY Renews

Help NY Lead on Climate

Like NY Renews site

Plug Me In to Off Shore Wind

Public Unity and Education Campaign to make the majority's support visible

Support Off Shore Wind Page

Long Island Green Homes

Helping Long Islanders improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

Like Green Homes Page

YOU STOPPED Port Ambrose!

and kept our Ocean and Beaches Free from the threats of LNG - Thank YOU!

Support LNG Info Page

we are All Our Energy

Renewable Energy advocacy, public outreach and involvement through news, information, public events and positive action toward more widespread use, availablity and access to renewable energy for everyone.

Climate impacts are happening now. Ramping up renewable energy to fulfill All Our Energy needs is needed immediately to avoid the worst of them.

A community-building approach, to bring together the vast majority of the public (some polls indicate up to 85% agreement) who want renewable energy even if:

  • ☼ it costs more (in many cases, it doesnt!),
  • ☼ it requires government support, or
  • ☼ requires new regulations and policies.
  • Join with us to actively create the clean energy future we want, need and deserve.

    George Povall

    All Our Energy Founder

    People-powered action!

    Refocus Our Energy

    We must move to renewables using our own people power, to protect who and what we love.

    become a reusable bag culture

    stop planet-choking practices and keep our natural environment clean.

    100% political partisanship - to the climate

    Demand climate action NOW. Climate is the issue of our time and is the root of our work.

    Renewables-Ready Energy ONLY

    No new fossil fuel and nuclear investments, subsidies, or bailouts. If it cant be used for renewables, it's just a risky investment.

    Power to the people

    Can we create a community based renewable energy project, that investors could get their electricity from? We think so!

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