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Event: Offshore Wind Power for New York

Citizen’s Campaign for the Environment have announced details of the 3rd Annual Offshore Wind Conference:

Offshore Wind Power for New York:
Reaching America’s Next Clean Energy Frontier

Really looking forward to attending and I urge any and all of you interested, to sign up and attend.

Date: Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Time: 10:00am-2:30pm
Location: The Charles B. Wang Center, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY

Sign up to attend for free here:
Register for Offshore Wind Power for New York: Reaching America’s Next Clean Energy Frontier

From Citizen’s Campaign:

Harnessing New York wind resources offers an opportunity to move toward energy independence while reducing air pollution and the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. Wind energy is a clean, emission-free, locally generated source of energy.

Citizens Campaign for the Environment (CCE), Sierra Club, Renewable Energy Long Island (RELI), the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) are pleased to announce the 3rd annual offshore wind conference, Offshore Wind Power for New York: Reaching America’s Next Clean Energy Frontier. This important conversation will focus on how New York is supporting offshore wind development, the environmental and economic benefits to New York from investing in offshore wind, the critical next steps required to move offshore wind power forward in New York, and the advocacy efforts underway to finally make it a reality.

This event is free and open to the public. We hope you can join us!


I will definitely see you there! If you’re attending please drop me a line on the All Our Energy “Contact Us” page here. Let’s meet!

Upcoming Event: LI Clean Energy Forum -12/4/2012 , 7 PM

Visions of Long Island's Energy Future

Come to The Long Island Clean Energy Forum: Navigating NY’s Energy Crossroads. Tuesday December 4th 7:00 to 9:00 PM.
This is what Long Island’s energy future should look like.

Come ready to learn your role in the push for clean energy…


So, what’s everybody doing next Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at 7PM?

Our friends at Renewable Energy Long Island woke us up to this upcoming event.

“At this forum, you will hear from a panel of well-respected individuals in the clean energy field, including Adrienne Esposito of Citizen’s Campaign for the Environment, Peter Olmsted of the Vote Solar Initiative, Gordian Raacke of Renewable Energy Long Island, as well as a representative from the offshore wind company Deepwater Wind.” –

Please join the Sierra Club and the Green Sanctuary of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock on the evening of Tuesday, December 4th, 7 to 9 pm for a discussion on Long Island’s clean energy future. The forum will be held in the Social Hall of the UU Congregation at Shelter Rock at 48 Shelter Rock Rd, Manhasset, NY 11030. You can find directions here: http://www.uucsr.org/find.asp

The Clean Energy Forum will provide a great opportunity to learn more about the current turning point in our energy policy and which path we need to take to achieve the future we want to see. This will be an action oriented discussion so

come ready to learn your role in the push for clean energy.


Find all the information and attendee registration here:

LI Clean Energy Forum: Navigating NY’s Energy Crossroads


You know, we here at All Our Energy are all about public awareness, involvement, and organization, so bring a friend and if you see me, say Hi.

Feel free to invite others you know with the “share” buttons below!!!

The Election’s Over: So Now What?

it’s time to get off the fence… take a minute to put your voice behind these renewable energy political motions!


 The Election’s Over: So Now What?


Our take on the election:

I haven’t heard the full total yet, but at last count this summer big oil, coal, and dirty energy had spent in excess of $180 million and by election day had ramped that up to over $270 million spent on this year’s Presidential and Congressional races.. and LOST on many actual ballots. 

In fact, they may have helped galvanize voters against their repugnant fossil-fuels-at-all-costs agenda. A must-read article here from Rebecca Leber at Think Progress discusses WHY, instead of just letting “you decide” with only innuendo, fear and half-truths to go on: Analysis: Why Voters Didn’t Buy TV Attack Ads From Fossil Fuel Interests.

Truth will out, as the Brits say.

That is, unless you count the costs their anti-renewables campaign contributions got them:

  • their bought and paid for witch hunts that made Solyndra a household name and all renewable energy implied as the same, causing a cascade of other failures.
  • putting an end to the measly, yet effective, Production Tax Credit (PTC)
  • help to brainwash “low information voters” as Bill Maher calls them, convinced they don’t benefit from a cheaper, cleaner, renewable resource
  • the idea that giving RE government support, as in tax break “subsidies”, even if only a microscopic percentage of what dirty energy gets, is a “boondoggle”!!  I’ve gotta admit I love that word, it tells me instantaneously I’m dealing with one of the powerwashed!

Well, just because the party less antagonistic to renewable energy was re-elected and gained seats, doesn’t mean you and we should just sit on our collective haunches…

So here’s some political action floating at the moment:

� First, one of my renewables idols, Paul Gipe, says we should be bringing president Obama’s attention to our abysmal rankings and how far we’ve fallen behind most of the free world, and many of the not so free, as well.
You can read his article here:
Now Re-elected, President Obama Should Examine US’ Renewable Rank

� I found in my inbox this great one from AWEA (American Wind Energy Association)’s Power of Wind,  where you can sign their petition to:

 Let congress know to pass the Production Tax Credit(PTC) beyond this year.

It has helped spur billions in private investment, and helps serve the country’s strategic interest. They say the PTC has been instrumental in helping the wind industry to:

• Lower the cost of wind power by more than 90%
• Manufacture components for wind turbines at nearly 500 U.S. manufacturing facilities
• Power the equivalent of 12 million American homes
• Provide 35% of all new U.S. power capacity in the past five years

� And when you finish with that, you can then directly contact your legislators and let them know that they need to get on board via email on their system.
You can do that here: Save USA Wind Jobs: Contact Congress Today!
Both took less than 30 seconds.

� Then a real grassroots campaign I’ve picked up from my local Sierra Club :
a petition to Pres. Obama, for the establishment of a National Energy Policy based on renewable wind and solar power, and help for us to End Our Fossil fuel Addiction. “

also took less than 30 seconds.
I LOVE the share options when you finish, in fact you may have been tweeted it directly from us already…


� Solar campaigns exist as well, here you can join the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) ‘s

Solar Power Advocacy Network

and click on this link where you can see all their pending legislation and

Legislative Agenda

and what you can do about it.


Or, you could just write your own state and national legislators. Feel free to share those with us. 

Oooh, getting political now, huh?   You betchya! (Sarah Palin, 2008)

So what the heck are you waiting for? get moving!

Report-Sierra Club & Community Voices for Clean Energy Rally @ Point Lookout Wind Turbine

Sierra Club's Emma Boorboor leads the days events

Sierra Club’s Emma Boorboor leads the days events

Tuesday September 25, 2012: Point Lookout, NY. – Today Sierra Club partnered with Community Voices for Clean Energy at the Point Lookout Clean Energy Park to tell LIPA we need Renewable Energy, and not to lock us into fossil fuels for the next 30 years, as LIPA decide Long Island’s energy future. 

Under watch of the 156 foot tall wind turbine, the speakers laid out why we all need to tell LIPA to invest, and heavily, in renewable energy as they decide what they are going to build and use for Long Island’s needed electricty generation-for the next 30-40 years!!! 

At their upcoming October 2, 2012 board meeting, LIPA will be deciding how they are going to generate electricity, in many cases going out 20-30 years or more.  The Sierra Club said:

“This show of support for clean energy comes at a critical juncture, as LIPA debates various sources of new power for Long Island homes.

All of the community members at this rally came out to express their concern about the current sources of energy generation and share their hope for Long Island’s energy future. Currently, both the State of New York and LIPA are failing to meet their renewable energy goals of 30% renewable sources by 2015 set by the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, which LIPA voluntarily committed to. The current debate over new sources of energy generation presents the best opportunity for LIPA to keep their promise to Long Islanders.”

Speakers presented their thoughts:

Dan Sabia, president of Built Well Solar

Dan Sabia, president of Built Well Solar, explains, “LIPA has a big decision to make soon, to continue to support clean energy here on Long Island. [LIPA] has the opportunity to help solidify Long Island’s position as a leader in renewable energy by moving forward with … clean energy.”

Andre Robinson, engineering student at Farmingdale State

Andre Robinson, engineering student at Farmingdale State said: “The Long Island I would like to see is leading the country in clean energy innovation because LIPA made the right decision to invest in clean energy now for our future. Because of this the Long Island I see has good job opportunities…  jobs that pay well and promote healthy communities at the same time.”


Speaking as a mother, Bahar Zoghi said, “I think it’s time we really think more clearly about that..

“Speaking as a mother,” Bahar Zoghi said, “with [global warming, carbon dioxide emissions, pollution]… if we keep depending on fossil fuels, conditions will just get worse. I think it’s time we really think more clearly about that, not just for us but for our kids. We owe that to them and the next generation.”

Peter Gollon, Energy Chair of the Long Island Sierra Club, challenged LIPA

Peter Gollon, Energy Chair of the Long Island Sierra Club, challenged LIPA to have the “courage” to make this necessary change. He said, “We are here to tell them to find the courage to actually lead us into the future of renewable energy, where we all know we have to go…Our children and grandchildren can’t wait”


We dont think we can wait either.
We are at a crossroads.
The way is pretty clear.
So what the HECK are we waiting for?

If the wrong decision is made, we will be stuck with dirty energy for a looooong time, and the future on Long Island will be delayed a generation.

TAKE ACTION: Click on this link> Tell LIPA- We need clean energy. follow the instructions to let LIPA know you want clean energy.

Tell LIPA- We need clean energy.

Today-Several dozen concerned citizens, hosted by The Sierra Club, were literally “calling” on LIPA to invest in clean, renewable energy.

Those calls were to let LIPA know that instead of sticking all of us into long range contracts that will keep Long Island fossil fuel-dependent for many decades to come, they must pursue clean energy.

LIPA is deciding over this week how they are going to replace their old power plants and how they are going to provide the additional power Long Island’s growth is demanding.

Today, The Sierra Club and Community Voices for Clean Energy are calling on all of us to let LIPA know that the only way is ahead to renewables, and not to go back to dirty fossil fuels!

You can make a difference, LIPA is listening!! heres how:

instructions for calling LIPA

instructions for calling LIPA. Let them know you want renewable energy!

How About Cutting the Average Family In on the Deal?

Great article from the Washington Monthly Magazine, explaining the underlying issue in most of our posts.


Click here to read “Rooftop Revenue” by Anya Schoolman.

It was tweeted to us by Community Power Network (@Power4theFuture):

“Government helps big corporations make billions off green energy. How about cutting the average family in on the deal?”


Clean Energy Victory Bonds


What can the average person do if they want to help bring about the change we need?

Enter… Clean Energy Victory Bonds (CEVBs).

North American Windpower is reporting that

“U.S. Rep. Bob Filner, D-Calif., is sponsoring the Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2012 (H.R.6275), which would enable the continuation of the production tax credit (PTC) and other clean energy incentives for 10 years.

It would also give all Americans a way to invest in a clean energy future that creates energy independence, jobs and economic opportunities.”

Up to now, financial factors are probably the leading reason renewable energy has not experienced an even larger mass expansion than has already been achieved. Surprisingly, these financial factors may have little or nothing to do with the actual final cost of generating the energy that would be produced.

Although in most cases the “fuel” to be used -like sunshine and the wind- will be free once the project is built, Renewable Energy projects require a large amount of money up-front, which leads to..

Investment, financing and tax break opportunities are generally limited to: utilities, existing energy companies (usually dirty energy-most of whom are fighting against renewables) or deep pocketed hedge funds / private multi-millionaire investors.

This is mainly a US problem due to our investment laws. Theres much talk about getting around this by:

  • “Community” Renewable Energy programs (We love the concept-it’s just not easily viable in most areas). Check this current example from Great Britain. We would absolutely love to see something like this available here.
  • Virtual net metering. This is where the solar panels or energy generation do not have to be on your house to count towards your electric bill.
  • Crowdfunding: Not legal investments for projects in the US at this time, where a large number of people make small investments.

You know we’re always looking for new ways the average person can get involved, on any financial level.

Take the minute and click on Clean Energy Victory Bonds.org and by all means use their system to contact your legislators to back this proposal.

All Our Energy: Year One

Wow. A year gone by already.


It’s been a year. Last June 30, I decided I couldn’t wait for someone else. A year (ok a bit more than that) since I realized that I was the person I was waiting for, no one else was coming along and doing… Whatever this is.. And what it’s meant to become:

It has been my intention to have All Our Energy be the bridge, creating a community of action between the public and renewable energy.

I’ve been looking at and meaning to respond to an article from several months ago Part 2: Political Reality and the Way Forward for Renewable Energy by Steve Leone, Associate Editor, RenewableEnergyWorld.com

A major point was raised in that article that has resonated with me

What can be done between now and Election Day to ensure that voters have a clearer understanding of what benefits the <renewable energy> industry brings to the table. Maybe it’s jobs. Maybe it’s the environment. Maybe it’s about American ingenuity and the need to stay ahead.

This much is clear, though. The industries need a cohesive message, and they need to find a better way to coordinate and get that message out to rank-and-file voters. That message, say industry and political experts, is what’s needed to push legislators to ensuring that clean energy finds itself with a prominent seat at the table.


I plan to keep that in mind as we move into our second year…

What are your ideas on that?

Talking More Wind Power at Point Lookout

bay view: Point Lookout wind turbine
Referring to an excellent pictorial from Shaun at Sea By the City, there’s quite a few questions flying around. I see an opportunity to help people who favor renewable energy get more involved through gaining knowledge: one of All Our Energy’s main goals.

A great comment:

MHC on Saturday, January 14th, 2012 at 5:24 pm
Why only ONE turbine?

There’s plenty of room for unobtrusively placing a couple more. Any talk of one or two more?


I don’t know. Let’s talk about it!

From a personal

» Read more..

Wind and Renewable Energy: Feed in Tariffs Pros and Cons


As I see it, Feed in Tariffs (FiT’s) are the most logical and proven method of expanding renewable energy in a way that is fair to consumers, utilities, companies and, well, pretty much everyone because » Read more..